Isara Berry Licious Burgundy Winter-Cover

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Praktisches und schickes Winter-Cover von Isara!


ISARA Winter Cover is the perfect babywearing accesory for the cold season! 

It comes with a brand new SMART attaching system.

With just a cute bow and 2 clicks, you can be ready to go and babywear, in the blink of an eye!

The 2 straps from the upper side of the winter cover gently hugs the straps of your carrier and gets fixed by snaps. Then, a cute bow made with the straps from the lower side of the winter cover assures a snuggly, warm fit.

And it comes with a lot of other benefits:

It is partially detachable when entering a warmer place in order to protect the baby from overheating! 

The top of the cover is high enough to ensure good protection and warmth, even without a hood (hood available separately). ISARA winter cover also provides an adjusting system that helps in getting the best protection from the outdoor elements and a perfect, snuggle fit.

The pocket is every parent`s best friend, allowing you to keep your hands protected and warm while cuddling the baby! 

Works as a soft blanket when you change diapers or when the baby sleeps, as a cover, when the child is transported in a wheelchair, car etc. 

ISARA Winter Cover fits perfectly both a baby and a toddler. It is the latest generation of softshell materials, cuddled by fluffy inner, that makes it both stylish and cozy! 

The result is a waterproof and windresistant winter cover that allows the body to breathe while being warm at the same time!

It is available in 6 rich colours: Deep Ocean Turquoise, Wild Cherry Melange, Berrylicious Burgundy, Frosted Almond Taupe, Mellow Yellow and Timeless Blue Melange.
It can be accessorized with a hood attachable by snaps. 

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